Monday, October 8, 2007

Organisation or lack thereof...

So I am normally a pretty organised person.

I know where my keys are, I remember birthdays, I can always find the remote but today I did the dumbest thing and Im still kicking myself for it.

I had bought a spot on the storque showcase on Etsy for tomorrow. This morning I got up, made a bottle for my baby, sat down to feed her and check my emails and Etsy as is my normal morning ritual. I thought I'd click on the showcase just to see what was happening and lo and behold, I see one of my pieces winking at me!

ARGH!! I wanted to clean up my shop and list a new necklace before my showcase spot!
I'd stuffed up the whole timezone thing and my messy shop had been flaunting itself all over the showcase for hours while I snoozed blissfully unaware.

In full panic mode I propped kids in front of the telly, shoved something in front of them (it may of may not have been edible) and proceeded to quietly have a meltdown while I frantically fussed about and listed my necklace and changed the order of my featured items about 10 times.

After an hour or so my 3 year old tapped me on the shoulder "Mum, can we have something to eat now? Claudias getting sick of gumming the remote control"


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bonnieking said...

Funny how things can creep up on you, eh? I'm sure you're fabulous!
Must go find your showcase now!

Hello Crafty