Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I christen thee Spawn of Satan...

I originally used this term in reference to my now 3 year old when she was a colicky 6 week old but the crown has been passed on to number 2.
How can an 8 month old be so grumpy and stubborn, she reminds me of my father in law, even has the same gummy smile.
On another note, the other half went out last night so I had an opportunity to sit down and actually make some things! Two necklaces and a crap load of wasted sterling jump pins later, I emerged sweaty, tired but triumphant!
Hopefully Spawns V1 and 2 will give me five minutes to list them today.


Dana said...

Ha! I'm a 3rd grade teacher with 42 students (21 in the morning, 21 in the afternoon). When I get home, all I want to do is collapse.

Heather said...

Let us hope our SOS never grow up and spawn ;) We would be fun drunken grannies together wouldn't we? Love the blog!