Sunday, October 7, 2007

A lovely letter made my day!

I just received a letter from the event organiser of a fundraiser show I recently did, thanking me for attending and raving about my work! Its always nice to feel appreciated and the fact that the funds raised were going to help a school was the icing on the cake.

Going into this particular show I really didn't think it would be a great success personally for me but boy was I wrong! The ladies were lovely, I received some great custom orders and sold a LOT of jewellery. Put 150 women in a hall and plying them with champagne seems to work wonders!

In all seriousness, a big thanks to Melanie who put it all together, she did a fabu job!

I will be working hard all week to create some new pieces, I have a market this weekend and really want to get a good stock in my Etsy store and get it cleaned up and full for Xmas.
On top of all that I am looking into some new styles and will be trying to come up with some higher end pieces using sterling silver and gorgeous shimmery briolettes.
I cant wait to see that little fed-ex van pull up with my new supplies!

I am also waiting on a supply of tribal style findings I ordered from CuriosityCabinet on Etsy. I CANT WAIT to get my greedy little hands on them and get beading!


~Stella said...


Your writing style is upbeat and fun. You're going to have a great time blogging!


Panjo Kids said...

Welcome to the world of blogging!