Thursday, October 11, 2007


Ugh...I feel like I have been slammed in the face with a piece of 4 x 2.
My lovely sweet baby has decided over the last couple of days that it would be fun to pop a tooth out and see how little sleep Mama needs.
My Dad (A former SAS paratrooper) always reckons lack of sleep is the worst form or torture, I think he is a very wise man.
Needless to say creating hasn't been high on the agenda recently although I am waiting on my secret lover to come visit...

Ode to my secret crush..

I wait for you with mounting anxiety
Your huge package is so exciting,
I cant wait until it is in my hands
I have followed you with my breath held,
tracking your every move as you cross oceans to be by my side
Monday, oh Monday, will you ever get here quick enough
I will stand by my window and wait for your white van to pull up outside
Fed-ex man, with your box of supplies, oh how I wait your arrival.



Samantha said...

That is a very... ambiguous ode. I know how you feel about the sleep thing. Well, I don't have a baby, but I've been feverish for more than a week now, and just tonight have hit the insomnia portion of my malady. So here I am, up cruising etsy blogs. Feel free to check mine out if you like:

Feel better!

Gallery Juana said...

Love your ode! I hope your baby feels better soon so that you can get some sleep. Your "Emilia May - Coral and Cherry Quartz glass earrings" are very pretty. My blog is

pinkmilk said...

I don't have a teething baby either but lack of sleep has to be the worst thing ever. Interesting that your dad thinks so too as former SAS.