Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Style or fashion?

Ive been thinking I need to extend myself and try and make some jewellery that is considered 'in fashion'. Problem is, its not my 'style'.
That led me to wondering the difference between style and fashion. Im not talking about whats considered stylish but rather your own personal style and what you feel comfortable with.
Tried doing delicate pretty necklaces and earrings but they turned out to be totally crap. I think if you try and create something for someone elses taste that is very differant to your own, your heart wont be in it and this will show in your work.
So heres to big and chunky, heres to creating what you love and heres to bugger the sales, if I dont love it, how can I expect anyone else to?


Livecreations said...


I agree do what your heart says and go with the flow, then you can be unique and fashion will follow you rather than trying to follow it..lol

Anandi said...

Your rings are really pretty. Do what you love.

I guess it depends on whether you're doing this *just* to make money, or also because you love it.

Personally, I just love it so I don't make stuff I wouldn't wear myself - that's my only rule.

MadeByAmanda said...

I think you have to go with what you love. Anything done "just for money" lacks heart.

Beth Lisa Goss, Wire Tree said...

I've been thinking about this too. Right now I'm sticking with what I like but I've noticed that my stuff is getting more mainstream. Hmmm.

Angelia said...

I was blogging about this last week. It is hard to be true to your creative self and still make a living.