Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Dr's appointments, specialists, waiting, stressing, here we go again..


Millie has had two seizures in the last couple of months. The last one, last week, she fell off her chair face first onto the ground.
That was pretty scary, she bit a chunk out of her tongue poor mite.
Both were while she was sick but that brings the total up to around 11 seizures in about 3 years. Too many for them to just say febrile convulsions with a swish of their hands.


We have been referred back to Dr Antony (Top pediatric neurologist) who she saw for her ptosis, have to have another EEG done with another Dr in Lindfield, a metabolic urine screen to rule out any other weirdo nasty sydndromes and then hopefully, hopefully we will be done with Drs.

I am praying in a way that they say she has Epilepsy because if so, we have a diagnosis and its done.
Im still super worried and cant help imagining all sorts of scary scenarios. Her pupil sizes have been quite differant of late and Im sure some Dr at some stage said thats to do with her ptosis but I am still so paranoid its giving me stomach ulcers.

We are all almost over this dreaded bott that seems to have taken us all out for the count. Millie and I still have a pack a day cough each which is driving everyone crazy. Thanks very much pilgrims, please keep your religious fervour and consumption away from my family and I please?


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