Tuesday, May 13, 2008


So I have a trip planned back home to see the family with the kids in a couple of weeks (10 sleeps actually, Spawn #1 and I counted this morning).
Its just me and the kiddos....in an airport...on a plane, no husband to lug stuff and do silly dances to get kids to eat (I find myself in a trance as he contorts, cartwheels and struts to amuse them myself actually!)

Im thinking of ordering some go go gadget arms on alchemy so I can boing them out to the other end of the boarding lounge as one child tries to go duty free shopping and the other sets up camp under a Japanese tourist's chair whilst still keeping an eye on the bags, car seat and balancing a mountain of snacks on my head sherpa style.

Once we are on the plane Im tossing up between Hannibal Lector type restraints for the 4 year old or a good ol dose of phenergan to just knock her out. The people in front will be so glad, she has great seat kicking abilities that one.
Number 2 will be safely stowed in the over head locker...wait..I mean buckled into her car seat so apart from shrieking like a banshee she wont be able to actually get up and try to open the door or anything.

At the other end Ive asked for some assistance to disembark and collect my luggage. Last time I travelled with just #1 on my own this was great, we had our very own airport 'official' (Read pervy old grandfather volunteer type that had his eyes on my, at the time, pregnant bousairs the whole time) It was worth putting up with the lecherous old trout to cut the queue.

I must ring up and organise that again and note to self...wear booby top on plane..


Helen | Pepperina Press said...

Having done US-Australia solo with ONE toddler, my heart goes out to you. Berry was very good, under the circumstances, and I *still* wanted to throw myself on the floor and cry.

Best of luck to you. Seriously.

mary jane said...

oh MAN! that was a funny and stressful post! i feel your pain! good luck!

Bonghi Vestiti said...

I never did this but we did trek cross country in our mini van when my kids were little! Oh my...now that was a treat!
Good Luck!

Gracie Bird said...

Yep, boobie tops always do the trick!

Mosaico said...

I don't think some people realize how difficult something like that can be. I had 2 boy toddlers at one point and just going to the store can be an ordeal.

I'm sure you'll be fine. Finding things to amuse them will be key. Take care.

Wonderfully Sew Knit said...

I remember those days! I wanted to bodily harm to all of us. Now I miss them.