Saturday, June 14, 2008

Curly Sue Supplies Store opening soon - COMPETITION!

So I really really really have to get rid of some of the bajillions of beads and findings I have lying around my work area and have decided to set up a destash/supply store on Etsy!

BUT, and herein lies the problem, I need a name for said store.

I want something that stands out and is easy to remember and relevant to what Im selling so that, dear reader, is where you come in!

Im holding a competition to come up with a name for my new store, name chosen will win this awesome pair of celestial crystal and stirling silver wire wrapped earrings!

Hurrah for free stuff!!

Post your ideas here or convo me on Etsy!!

Competition will be open until a name has been chosen, now put your thinkin' caps on!


Rustic Diva Designs and RP Gardens said...

Hi there Curly Sue!

I thought of a couple:
Curly Sue's Sundries
or Sue's Sundries
or Sue's Sundry Shop

Just my 2 cents. Good luck with your new shop. I hope it does well for you.
Jan (Rustic Diva Designs)

Taleri said...

As Grains Of Sand
Trillions of Trinkets
Billions of Baubles
Curly's Curios
Scores of Stones
Bountiful Adornments
Versatile Embellishments
Infinate Sparkles
Sue's Stockpile
Rondelle Reservoir
Rondelle Reserve

Annamoren said...

La Dolce Vita
Bits and Bobs
Ciccio Pasticcio's emporium

Lady Bracknell said...

Cross-posted from the Etsy thread:

"Ok, I'm not very good at this sort of thing - I'm like a rabbit caught in the headlights when Happy Retirement/Birthday/Major Surgery cards land on my desk in the office - but I did have ONE idea. Which may be rubbish:-

Sue's Splendid Surplus Supplies.

Yeah, ok: I'll, er, get me coat... :-("