Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Damn Im tired...

Why is it that the end of the year sees me rendered unconscious by 8.00 pm every night?
Really, as a stay at home mum or as I prefer to be called, domestic goddess, one day pretty much blends in to the next so it seems strange that I am so bloody buggared come Xmas.
I can hardly blame the festive carousing that used to happen pre spawns of Satan, the most exciting night out for me these days is a stroll around the block to look at the Xmas lights. Considering it doesn't get dark here until 8.30pm and I make the kids do an olympic style speed walk to make sure they stick to their schedules and are in bed by 7.30, it does seem kind of pointless. Nevertheless, routines are there for a reason right? ...right?

Spawn #1: But Mummy, I cant see any lights?
Me: well, its because its not dark silly billy
Spawn #1: So why are we going for a walk to look at the lights?
Me: Shut up and eat your no sugar, no fat, no taste soy icecream

Schedules, Routines, Timetables, must stick to them, musnt get kids out of whack, cant let them stay up and eat shit or they'll be a mess tomorrow, stress stress stress

No wonder Im bloody exhausted.


Deabusamor said...

Oh my! Maybe you could relax the schedule as a special treat on weekends and take a slower walk around?


Don't let stress kill you. :(

OcelotEyes said...

awww... It must be hard to keep a schedule like that especially when there are Christmas lights out there for the little ones to see!!

When I was little and growing up in Russia, every evening without fail, there was a 10-minute show on TV with puppets that presented a short cartoon. I think it became a ritual for children everywhere to watch the thing at 8pm, and fall asleep right after it at 8:10. It was a ritual! I remember it fondly, and I wish there was something like that in other countries - the one time when TV might make parents' jobs just that little bit easier! :/
(I don't have kids yet, they scare me, but these issues pop into my mind sometimes lol)