Sunday, June 14, 2009

New things...

Some newbies from moi! Click on the links to be taken directly to my Etsy store to see all the deets.

I am loving Prehnite at the moment. It has the most beautiful milky green glow. Yum.

Red coral flower earrings with hand hammered oxidised sterling silver hoops

There is nothing better than gritty hammered sterling silver, especially when oxidised. It gives it such a nice grungy organic feel. Here I've paired it with striking blood red coral flowers.

Gothic fairytale necklace with real brass hand mirror, brass rose with red crystal and etched chain

I was THRILLED when I found this awesome brass hand mirror, its nice and heavy and the glass is the real deal. Kind of creepy but very stylish, I love how gothic and camp this necklace has become!

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