Saturday, February 21, 2009

early midlife crisis?

So yesterday, I was at the mall with Spawn #1 birthday present shopping for one of her little buddies when we passed the piercing shop and I suddenly had an overwhelming desire to have a possibly tattooed and hep c positive stranger, shove a sharp instrument through a sensitive part of my body.

The sign outside the shop advertised 'no anaesthetic, pain free piercing'

'Pain free?' thought I..'thats for a sook like me'

Upon approaching the counter I realised the 'piercer' was all of about 12 and peppered her sentances with OMG's and Like so many times I almost walked out but Spawn was looking up at me, big eyed, like I was the bravest lady in all the land so I handed over my credit card and tried not to pass out.

Junior Piercy mc piercer soon had me flat on my back out the back (It usually takes at least a glass of wine to get me in that state) and with a quick sharp screw of her needle, I had a nose stud and was good to go.

Apart from a moment of watery eyes, I couldn't believe how quick and easy it was and best of all spawn thought I was super cool.

Now I get to shop for some nose studs on Etsy, here are a couple of my faves so far!

Tiny Nose Screw by AutumnEquinox

Tiny Blossom Nose Screw - FREE SHIPPING by Gemma Factrix

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Chrisy said...

Well done...I find that for day time I can use an ordinary earring for pierced just stays there...have fun with it!