Thursday, July 31, 2008

I have a new lover...

Hes black, hes thin and oh so slick.

His name..

GHD IV hair straightening iron..


Ive always envied those girls with their swishy shiny happy hair. My sad old mop has always been stuffed back into a ponytail and hidden away from the world and its prying, critical eyes.

But NO MORE! My hair is now swishy, my hair is now shiny, my hair is now FABULOUS! I can now hold my head high and do the hair flick thing that Ive always envied!



Now, If I can just find somewhere nice to take my hair and an extra hour a day to actually DO it, life will be grand!


Nicole Solo said...

Ha! I hate it when I have a good hair day and no where to go to show it off

Kristen said...

I need one :)

tattytiara said...

Well before and after look equally good to me, but it's awesome to have a new look to play with, isn't it?

Drowsey Monkey said...

OMG...that does a great job! lol I mean the before is pretty darn good anyway, but the after ... so shiney :)

Rachel said...

it looks great! I wish I had enough motivation to get up early enough in the morning to actually spend time on my hair... hmm, maybe tomorrow will be the day.

GreenSpaceGoods said...

I like it both ways! Honestly, when you were talking about swishy, shiny hair I thought you were talking about the first picture. (I had to scroll to see the second one). You have lovely hair :)

Samantha said...

There are so many great styles that you can create with GHDs. As a hair stylist its inspirational to see people uploading their photos as it gives me so many new ideas.
At the moment im experimenting with GHD straighteners in creating funky curl styles. In particular the new pink GHDs are becoming increasingly more popular. If you are interested in buying some there are some great sites out there, most are reliable.
I tend to use a comparison sites for pink GHDs that give you the cheapest price available from top retailers.
There are so many ideas and styles you can create by using a good straightener.

fluffnflowers said...

Ooooh lala! I envy you your smooth, even locks.

Livecreations said...


your locks look great either way, but nice straight, I remember when someone straightened mine at the hairdressers I loved it :) but could never have the discipline to spend all that time straightening them myself.. :)

Tiffany said...

Oh boy! I have the hair straightener! My bf got it for me for my bday but now I can't use it since the frequency is different here in the states! Thanks for your lovely comment on my thread on Etsy. Yay kiwis!