Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Curly Sue chillin' with Thirsty Merc and Cleo Bachelors of the Year!

Well my first piece was was worn on What you Want on Channel V today by VJ Maya!

They were interviewing Aussie rockers Thirsty Merc and some of the Cleo bachelors of the year so it was in fine company lol!

I have a copy of the show but unfortunately copyright laws wont allow me to upload it to youtube...boo!

I have another piece appearing tomorrow, a blackstone lotus suspended on dalmation jaspar, keep an eye out for it!
Oh and I received a big credit at the end of the show 'jewellery by Curly Sue'.


dannelle said...

WOW, thats fab bout your piece on telly! go you!

missknits said...

wow!!!! that is just awesome!!! congrats!! too bad you cant upload it though because i'd love to see but woohoo!!

Luisa Brimble said...

hey how much does this one cost now then??? it looks FABULOUS!!!