Monday, November 12, 2007

So does anyone have a spare penis???

Because it seems that you need one to get served in an electronics store.

I went shopping today for a new camera and had to go into 3 stores as I was completely ignored in the first 2.

Im not joking, I hung around the camera display cases for about 15 minutes, notes in hand, glasses on, looking like what I thought was a serious customer while the shop assistants stood around scratching their balls or rushing to help the baboons in muscle shirts with their car stereo requirements.

They wouldn't even acknowledge my feeble attempts to wave them down as they ambled around straightening signs or changing the dvd's. I really should have rugby tackled one of them...

I dont know whether it was the fact I had breasts and a baby in tow or just didn't stand out in the sea of testosterone but I am FUMING right now..

At the suggestion of one wise lady, next time Im going to walk in a thwack a big rubber dildo on the counter to see if having a penis really is going to make a difference.


The Red Leaf said...

Tell me, were one of those places Radio Shack? Because I seem to have the same problem in that place!! I've even tested it by walking in before my husband... I get ignored, and he gets three people greeting him!

Heather said...

LOL! Come to the states, I'll show you a place where you'll be batting the help off like flies.

Morgan Street said...

LOL - That would be so funny if you did that! Could you get arrested for indecent something or other though?